Step 1 Duties

Step 1: Duties

Step 2: Qualifications

Step 3: Apply for a position


Following is a list of the duties one must perform while serving as a Precinct Election Officer.

  1. Attend a required training session before the election.
  2. Your election day will begin at 5:15am, when you report to your polling place.
  3. Arrange your polling place with all the necessary election materials and voting equipment in a way to ensure privacy for each voter and security in the voting process.
  4. The precinct must open by 6:00am.
  5. Process voters and provide any assistance.
  6. Treat every voter with respect and courtesy.
  7. Close the polling place after the last voter in line at 6:00pm has voted.
  8. Complete all necessary paperwork, and return all election materials to a designated receiving station.