Candidate Filing Info

Candidates wishing to start their campaign before they are allowed to officially file for ballot access with the Secretary of State or County Clerk may file a Letter of Intent with the Registry of Election Finance in Frankfort. KRS 121.170(1). For more information, contact their office at 502.573.2226 or visit them at For information on candidate filing procedures, qualifications for each office, filing fees, and sample filing forms you may download the “Declaring your Candidacy” publication at or call one of the representatives listed below.

All local candidates will file their filing forms at the Jefferson County Elections Center. Candidates seeking judicial or state offices will file their forms in Frankfort at the Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes’s office. For the upcoming Election Calendar, visit

Finance Reports
KRS 121.180(8) has been amended to remove the requirement to file a copy of your finance reports with the County Clerk’s Office.

Election Center
701 West Ormsby Ave., STE 301
Louisville, KY 40203-3143        

Kristi Gay
Phone: 502.574.5886
Fax: 502.574.5014

Susan Price
Phone: 502.574.5889
Fax: 502.574.5014