Election Officer Training Tools

NOTE: These are supplemental/refresher items only, they are not a replacement for your mandatory training class.

Bobbie Holsclaw's intro for Election Officer training

Bobbie Holsclaw, the Jefferson County Clerk, thanks Election Officers.

• Front cover EO manual Primary 2019 – Download PDF

• Election Officer Manual Primary 2019 – Download PDF

2019 Election Poll Worker Training Video

How to assist voters who have disabilities.

DS200 Voter Education

The new Jefferson County voting equipment, DS200, is a ballot scanner very similar to what we have been using for several decades.

DS200 instructions – Download PDF

ExpressVote Voter Education

The ExpressVote meets all ADA requirements for easy voting. A voter does not need to have a disability to use this machine. In Jefferson County it is the voter’s choice to utilize a standard ballot or use the ExpressVote.

ExpressVote instructions – Download PDF