New Voting Equipment

Jefferson County’s New Voting Equipment

The nearly 600,000 registered voters in Jefferson County KY will soon be casting their ballots on new and improved federally certified voting systems with voter-verifiable paper audits. Jefferson County joins hundreds of locations across the U.S. whose voters, poll workers and staff benefit from the secure and intuitive voting experience provided by the ES&S ExpressVote®Universal Voting System and DS200® precinct-based scanner and tabulator.

The ExpressVote utilizes a variety of functions to ensure election data and votes cast records are secure. After all selections are made, the system produces a verifiable paper record for each ballot. The DS200 tabulation equipment includes physical security features and other safeguards that help protect sensitive data and verify authenticity. The new equipment replaces 20-year old AccuVote scanners. Since there are no elections in 2017, this system will debut in the 2018 Primary Election.

“Voter confidence is incredibly important, and it’s my job to ensure that the elections system offered to our citizens is of the very best quality,” said Bobbie Holsclaw, Jefferson County Clerk. “We are always looking for ways to improve our services to the residents of Jefferson County, and that’s why we selected the ExpressVote Universal Voting System and DS200 precinct-based scanner. With this modern, secure and reliable system, voters can be assured that our election process meets the very highest of standards.”