A Message from Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw

The 2024 Primary Election in Jefferson County can be summarized in one word- successful. The significance of ensuring every voter's right to express their opinions is extremely important to me and the entire staff of the Jefferson County Clerk's Office.

I am grateful to all the voters who participated in the election across the county's 627 precincts. This extensive 10-day event, which included early voting at sixteen designated locations, was successful due to the unwavering commitment of election volunteers from all parts of Jefferson County. Their bipartisan cooperation at all 208 voting sites ensured an election that was not only fair and transparent but also carried out with great care. A special mention is deserved for the often-unsung heroes of the Jefferson County Clerk's Office team, whose meticulous work behind the scenes was crucial to the election's success.

The 2024 General Election is November 5 and, as always, I promise to be a reliable source of election guidance. By working closely with the community and Frankfort, my aim is to organize a voting process for the upcoming election that is smooth, fair, and secure. Look for even more locations! Let's join hands in fostering democracy, creating a peaceful and prosperous electoral atmosphere together.

Bobbie Holsclaw
Jefferson County Clerk

Notice to voters with disabilities: Questions or concerns about accessibility? Contact Richard Vowels, Jefferson County Board of Elections ADA Coordinator. Send email to ADA@JeffersonCountyClerk.org or call 502.574.6100.

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2024 Primary Election

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