Serving as an Election Officer

To be eligible to serve as an election officer, a person must be a registered voter in Jefferson County, attend a 2.5-hour training class and not have changed party affiliation within the last year. The election officer application can be completed online at, in person or by contacting the Election Officer Administrators.

Election officers are paid $40.00 for completing their training class and $160.00 for working at their assigned precinct on Election Day.  Not all election officers will be immediately assigned to work on Election Day-those officers will be designated as Backup election officers and may be asked to serve at any time up to and including Election Day.


For more information, please contact:

Jeff Pellman
Republican Administrator, and all other registered voters

Tracey Griggs
Democratic Administrator


Jefferson County Clerk’s Office
Election Center
701 W. Ormsby Ave
Suite 301
Louisville, KY 40203