Election Officers Needed

Election Officers Needed
for Jefferson County November 6th General Election

The Jefferson County Clerk’s Office Election Center is actively recruiting Republican and Democratic Election Officers for the upcoming General Election to be held on November 6th.  The Election Center is still seeking both Republicans and Democrats.  Officers must be willing to fill vacancies throughout the county and serve where needed.

The General Election requires approximately 2,400 registered Democratic and Republican voters of Jefferson County to work the polls at 623 precincts. Election Officers receive $40 for attending an Election Officer training session and $160 for working the polls on Election Day.

To be considered for an Election Officer position, registered Republicans who live in Jefferson County should contact The Jefferson County Republican Party at 502.584.7111 or Jeff Pellman 502.574.6211 at the Election Center.  Registered Jefferson County Democrats should contact the Jefferson County Democrat Party at 502.582.1999 or Tracey Griggs at 502.574.5532 at the Election Center. Also, Election Officer applications may be found online at the Jefferson County Clerk website at www.JeffersonCountyClerk.org.  Once an applicant is approved they will be scheduled to attend a training session. Interested residents can also call the Election Center directly at 502.574.6100.

To be eligible for an Election Officer position, citizens are required to:

  • Be registered to vote in Jefferson County.
  • Have no changes in party affiliation within the last year.
  • Attend a 2½ hour, paid training session.
  • Work a full-day, 5:15 a.m.-7 p.m., on Election Day.
  • Provide own transportation.
  • Work in the polling location assigned by the Board of Elections.

(Every effort is made to place workers in a voting precinct near their home.)

NOTE: Pursuant to KRS 117.045(9), An election officer shall not be a candidate or the spouse, parent, brother, sister or child of a candidate who is to be voted for at the election.